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~ dancing under a paper moon~

... She leaves the pictures hanging on the walls...

12 May
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The girl

I am a 23 year old Uni student, and perpetual fan girl. I live in many fandoms, and I am happy to add anyone with whom I have something in common with. I love reading fanfiction, but haven't really written much. I make fanart, mainly icons, of all of my lovely fandoms and this is my place to air it. Used to participate in a lot of icontests but lack of time = lack of icons. Hope to get back into it soon

The fandoms
Stargate SG1, House, The Mentalist, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order CI, Bones, Lie to Me, Castle, West Wing, Sanctuary, City Homicide

The pairings
Sam/Jack, House/Cuddy, Patrick/Teresa, Olivia/Elliot, Alex/Bobby, Booth/Bones, Cal/Gillian, Castle/Beckett, CJ/Danny, Helen/John, Jen/Nick, Jen/Matt

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